How should I decide which size Pizza Oven to order?  

In general, we would recommend that you choose as large an oven as you have space and can afford. The incremental cost of larger oven sizes is not huge, and you will appreciate the additional cooking space. Even if you do not intend to cook five pizzas at a time, you will enjoy the size of a 90cm; 100cm or 120cm oven for roasting a turkey, potatoes and vegetables, or preparing multiple pans of appetizers for a party. That is why these are the best-selling sizes.

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What are our wood burning ovens made from ?

The Pizza Ovens Standard 83 & 82 are constructed from high quality refractory cement and special fire clay bricks.

The Pizza Ovens Premium are constructed with 3 layers of insulation. Layer 1 brick and cement render; Layer 2 rock wool; Layer 3 cement render. The insulation helps to preserve the temperature in the Oven for longer and prevents cracks from forming.

Vulcano Light Clay Pizza Oven are constructed with 4 layers of insulation. Layer 1 mixture of expanding clay and cement render. Layer 2 a covering of rock wool. Layer 3 another layer of expanding clay and cement render. Layer 4 a coating of cork which helps to waterproof the oven making it perfect for the British weather!

All the ovens from Xclusive Barbecues are constructed for guarantee durability, efficiency and total customer satisfaction.

What can I cook in my oven?

 Anything you can cook in your kitchen oven, you can cook in your wood fired oven.There are no limits to what can be cooked in a wood fired oven. It will bake, roast, grill, smoke, dry, and stew. Everything that comes out of the oven has a superior gourmet taste. 

How are your ovens shipped?

The Pizza Oven is designed for easy installation, the oven come in one piece, delivered to you in a protective pallet crate completely assembled and ready to fire up.

Can pizzas be cooked directly on the brick cooking base?

 Yes this is the ideal way to achieve a crispy base in a shorter cooking time.


What type of fuel should I use?

Use solid wood fuels only. DO NOT use charcoal, pressure treated lumber, chipped wood products, sappy wood such as pine, laminated wood or any material other than dry medium or hard firewood. DO NOT USE liquid fuel (firelighter fluid, gasoline, lantern oil, kerosene or similar liquids) to start or maintain a fire.

Do you have DIY plans for wood fired pizza ovens?

No, our ovens are already done for you, you just have to unwrap and start the fire.

How do I clean the oven after cooking?

Simply use a brush to move all the ash together and either the pizza peel or fires shovel to remove the ash. Put the ash in a bucket and dispose properly. See our Gorgeous Pizza Oven Kit Set - 5 Pieces Tool Set.

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