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  • Masonry BBQs

    Give a amazing style to your garden with a NEW Dubai and Valencia barbecues collection with unique design made in black and white refractory masonry with excellent smooth finish.

    Take advantage of great savings now buying direct from manufacturer! We guarantee that your food will never be the same!

  • Brick BBQs

    With Xclusive Brick Barbecue collection you can add a touch of English style and inspiration to your garden or patio. Perfect for integrating the design of your home.

    Brick BBQ's collection are manufactured to the highest quality standards and can be used everyday.

  • Mediterranean Masonry BBQs

    Mediterranean Masonry Barbecues collection are the perfect combination of fire brick and refractory masonry providing all barbecues with great elegance and beauty. The  refractory masonry component parts can be painted and decorated whichever way you prefer, giving it a personal touch.
    Perfect for integrating the design of your home and can be used everyday.

  • Stone BBQs

    Huge range of quality Stone Barbecues at great prices. We offer an amazing BBQ Grill Box in all Barbecues. Stone BBQs can be fired with charcoal and firewood. Eco friendly product, buy now and help the environment.